Winter Wyoming Roads – 100 Vehicle Pile-Up, 3 Dozen Injured, and 3 Deaths

As winter is coming to an end, it is quite a relief to truck drivers. Truck drivers have had to navigate the harsh winter roads which have involved, pileups, icy roads, and turnovers. Wyoming has seen quite a few trucking accidents this winter, and a most recent one involved three fatalities.

In the beginning of March 2020 on I-80 near Rawlins, WY a large pile-up was reported. It was described that about 30 trucks initially collided, causing a domino effect where an additional 25 cars collided in the westbound lanes. From there, another 40 trucks crashed in the eastbound lane. A total of 100 vehicles were involved, causing three deaths and over three dozen injuries.

The incident occurred when a state trooper stopped to help one of the trucks that was on the side of the road. As the two were speaking an oncoming truck collided and wrecked and from there causing multiple accidents. Weather played a large factor with icy roads, and snow blowing, but it was also being investigated of individuals following too closely and driving too fast.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation closed a 200-mile stretch from Laramie to Rock Springs and it stayed close for a couple of days. Carbon County Memorial Hospital received many of the injured, and called in 3 additional doctors to help treat.

This was documented as one of the biggest accidents on I-80 in the recent years. Unfortunately, every year winter road conditions seem to cause fatal accidents. Due to icy roads, and timely truck schedules it seems inevitable that travel must continue on with poor road conditions. This poses a threat to not only truck drivers, but other patrons on the road. Accidents are stressful, and can often cause hardship for those involved. To mitigate those hardships consulting in a lawyer can help. It is imperative to have all the correct information needed, which MSS has noted to be:

  • Location of the accident
  • Date and time that the accident occurred
  • Road conditions at the time of the accident
  • Whether the truck broke down or there was equipment failure
  • How you were injured
  • Any police reports or names of the investigating officers
  • Current location of all vehicles involved

The safety of all patrons on the road should be of highest importance, and making sure truck drivers are trained properly for all weather conditions could greatly help.