Williston North Dakota oil field roads are becoming more dangerous

A pickup truck crashed into an ambulance at an intersection near Williston, North Dakota that was carrying a mother and infant.  Williston is a hub of the North Dakota oil field, and the roads are often extremely busy and dangerous.  Fortunately, no one was killed in this particular crash, though the driver and passengers of the ambulance were transported to a Williston hospital to be treated for their injuries.  The driver of the pickup declined to be treated for any injuries.  Significant damage was incurred to the front end of the emergency vehicle, and another ambulance from Watford City was dispatched to transport the occupants to the hospital.  Law enforcement has stated that it does not appear that alcohol-impaired driving was a factor in the collision, but they were not certain why the truck driver did not slow or yield to the ambulance at the intersection.  All other traffic had already slowed and pulled off to the side of the road.  The speed limit at the intersection where the traffic accident occurred was over 55 miles per hour, though authorities might make it slower due to safety concerns.  Highway 85 near Williston, where the crash occurred, is known as one of the busiest and deadliest roads in North Dakota, due in large part to the high volume of traffic affiliated with the Bakken oil patch.