Trucking accidents in North Dakota

Truck accidents in the North Dakota oilfields continue to pose a threat to drivers, though it appears that news coverage of these accidents has declined in recent months. With winter on the horizon, road conditions will become increasingly dangerous, even for drivers who are properly trained and prepared for inclement weather. Drivers are more at risk to be involved in oilfield traffic accidents when oilfield employees haven’t received proper training or instructions, when they are asked to work unreasonably long shifts, and when they might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol due to the stress or pressure to stay awake. These are all realities of the oil field, whether or not they are reported to the public.

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to such incidents, where people can post photos, videos, and stories of accidents and other dangerous or unwise behavior. Photos on the page depict trucks that are overturned, demolished, and stuck in the mud, to name just a few examples. The page has almost 75,000 followers and is updated daily—showing that people are aware of and closely following these stories of improper management or failure to exercise reasonable care, despite the amount of media coverage they receive.