Teton Pass Semi Tractor-Trailer Cited for Violating Winter Ban

Teton Pass is extremely dangerous, especially for semi-trucks. Due to its grade steepness, grade length, and curve severity it can cause trucks to lose control. Teton Pass closes for semi tractor-trailers from Nov. 15 to April 1. This is to ensure safety on the pass to both the trucks and other drivers.

Unfortunately, one tractor-trailer did not either see the signs, or abide by the rules. When the semi-tractor-trailer was coming down the east side of Teton Pass the truck lost its brakes and came to a crashing stop. The semi lost control and hit a snowbank and a guardrail before being flipped on its side. Thankfully the driver, 53, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Teton county sheriff Sgt. Todd Stanyon said, “He is lucky he didn’t go over the shoulder and down into the ravine.” The driver was cited for violating the Teton Pass winter tractor-trailer ban. The semi-truck was carrying 50-pound bags of Talcum powder, and when it lost control the talcum powder spilled all over the highway.

Teton troopers and deputies cite truck drivers all winter for violating the trailer closure. It is important for them to acknowledge the closure of the pass to ensure safety for themselves, as well as, other patrons on the road. The troopers are also investigating the rate of speed the tractor-trailer was going. The fine for violating the winter tractor-trailer closure is $435.

Truck drivers have such arduous schedules. It is a job that requires a time schedule and deadlines. It is imperative that directions are followed due to the safety of drivers on the road. When you consider weather conditions, and different road types it takes properly trained drivers to be able to execute the roads. It is imperative companies train drivers for all weather conditions, but also teach them different tactics for when roads are closed, and/or new routes.

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