Favorable Settlement in Sexual Assault Case

MSS represented a woman who was sexually assaulted by her doctor over the span of several years. Our client was diagnosed with cancer, but despite being treated and in remission she kept seeing her oncologist more than necessary at the doctor’s behest. The doctor over prescribed her schedule II narcotics – which in return caused her to become severely addicted to fentanyl and morphine. The appointments were regularly scheduled, and the doctor would sexually assault her at those appointments. The case was settled favorably for our client before trial and will help to ensure that she receives the help that she needs to heal.

Favorable Settlement in North Dakota Oilfield Explosion

MSS, together with Honaker Law Offices, represented individuals who suffered life altering injuries, including severe burns, from an oil rig explosion in North Dakota. The case was filed in the North Dakota Federal District Court and was settled favorably for our client before trial.

Successful Pre-trial Settlement in Wyoming Sexual Abuse/Molestation at Daycare

MSS represented a family whose child was sexually abused at a daycare. Sexual assault has a lasting impact on the victim and their family. This case was settled before trial and was favorable towards our client and will help to ensure that this family receives the help that it needs to heal.

Punitive Damages awarded by Jury in Whistleblower case.

MSS represented an employee who was wrongfully terminated by his employer after he raised concerns about paying overtime correctly. When our client brought these concerns to his employer he was fired the next day. We represented him in a 5 day trial in front of a jury where we were able to successfully receive a six figure verdict that covered lost wages and punitive damages.

Last Will and Testament leaving estate to Bank Teller, found to be invalid and revoked.

MSS represented a woman, whose brother passed away from end stage dementia. Just 4 months before his death and days before being committed to a locked memory unit for the remainder of his life, he changed his will and left his entire estate to his bank teller. Prior to that, and for the preceding 20 years, his sister had been his sole beneficiary, held medical power of attorney for him and was named as the personal representative of his estate. We tried this in front of a Judge and the Court found that the deceased was in a diminished state of mind at the time that he signed the new will, our client was reinstated as the personal representative and the proceeds of the estate were properly returned to his family.

Successful Insanity Verdict after Jury Trial in First Degree Arson Case.

Members of MSS represented a man, who was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. He was accused of intentionally setting fire to the assisted living facility in which he was a resident. The jury found that although our client started the fire with the intention of burning down the facility, that he was not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Successful pre-trial resolution for client whose legs were crushed by a concrete truck and trailer.

MSS represented a man and his wife after the man was hit and nearly killed by an out of control truck/trailer combination. The truck lost traction on the ice while driving around another vehicle that was disabled in the road. The trailer and truck, after failing to make it up the hill, barreled backwards down the hill and pinned our client between the trailer and the other car, crushing both of his legs. The case was filed in State Court in Wyoming and was settled just before trial.

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans is representing the surviving family of a young man who died from a rare form of cancer after being exposed to highly toxic chemicals while working in the Bakken oil field of North Dakota. The case was ultimately filed in state court in Texas, and the Firm is working on the case with a law firm in that jurisdiction.