Product Liability / Dangerous Products

When you buy a product, whether it is food from a restaurant or a car from a dealership, you trust that the maker or seller of that product has done what is necessary to make sure that it is safe. Selling untested products, products with known defects, or products that are just too dangerous for people happens all too often.

A product has a defective design when it poses a high risk of harm to users and there was a feasible, safer alternative design available. In design defect cases, all products in the defective line are unreasonably dangerous. Bad designs or inadequate product testing can create dangerous products that cause serious injury or death. 

Manufacturing defects occur when something goes wrong during the production stage of creating a product. These defects usually affect a small number of the items made and make them unreasonably dangerous to consumers, users, and bystanders.

Marketing defects, including failing to warn users of known or foreseeable hazards, can make an otherwise safe product defective if the company could have included an effective warning on the item or its packaging. These cases occur when someone uses a product in a foreseeable way and the product causes harm that an average user would not expect.

If you have been injured by a product you feel was unreasonably dangerous, an accident attorney with experience litigating products liability suits will be able to explain these types of claims in more detail and can analyze whether your injury could be the result of unlawful conduct by a seller or manufacturer.

Ongoing Cases:

Wyoming Defective Product Case.
Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans is currently representing a man who suffered significant injuries when the headlight system on his new motorcycle failed while driving at night. (The Firm is handling this case with Richard Honaker.)

Wyoming Toxic Inhalation / Defective Product Case.
The lawyers at Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans are representing a man who suffered a toxic inhalation injury when he was exposed to an unreasonably dangerous product in the workplace.  Because the injuries our client suffered were significant and life changing, the Firm also represents his wife in an action for a loss of consortium and family services.

Montana Product Defect / Catastrophic Injury Case. 
Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans represents a young man who was paralyzed in serious vehicle accident in the Billings area. (The Firm is working on this case with the Moriarty Law Firm.)