Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are not limited to events causing physical injuries and can include injury to your earning capacity, reputation, credit rating, and emotional health. Our law firm focuses on the following areas of personal injury practice:

Fatal Accidents

Our law firm has represented clients who have been injured in trucking accidents, oil field and workplace accidents, traffic collisions, and toxic exposure incidents. Catastrophic accidents often occur under otherwise routine or ordinary circumstances. Serious injuries resulting in permanent disability, long-term medical conditions, or even death can occur when people act carelessly or recklessly, or when safety protocols are not followed. Individuals and families affected by tragic or fatal accidents should be competently represented by attorneys with the experience to handle complex cases.

Abuse of Trust or Authority

When you visit a doctor, you trust that he or she is qualified and will follow proper protocols. When you go to work, you trust that your employer will provide you with a safe work environment and competent co-employees. At some point we have all placed our faith in someone, trusting that person to ensure our safety and security. Regrettably, some people take advantage of the authority or trust that is placed in them or fail to use reasonable care in their relationships with others. An abuse of trust or authority can result in detrimental and serious harm.

Chemical Exposure

Chemical manufacturers, sellers, and businesses dealing with toxic chemicals have a responsibility to take care so that others do not get hurt. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 4,000 people are hospitalized for Carbon Monoxide poisoning each year and an estimated 660 Americans will die from defective furnaces, stoves, generators, and other fuel burning products this year alone.  Workplace exposure to gases like phosgene and benzene can cause serious health problems and may be fatal.

Insurance Issues

When you pay insurance premiums in a timely fashion, you trust that your insurance company will make prompt payments of benefits. When an insurance company refuses to pay the benefits you are entitled to, or when it denies coverage altogether, you may be able to hold the insurance company responsible. Where an insurance company’s conduct has been blatantly wrongful, you may also be awarded punitive damages, which punish an insurance company for its wrongdoing.