Commercial Litigation / Business Disputes / Property Disputes

Business disputes can be a distraction that takes valuable time and energy away from running your business.  If you are involved in a business dispute, hiring experienced counsel is important so that you can focus on continuing your normal business operations.

Our law firm has experience handling contract disputes and constraint of trade issues. Business and contract disputes are often complex. Consulting with experienced counsel is the first step towards efficient resolution of your business dispute. 

Recent Successes:

Montana Property Tax Litigation. 
Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans represented Montana property owners who had wrongly lost their property at a property tax sale.  After filing claims with the Court, the Firm secured return of the property through a settlement.

Wyoming Consumer Protection Act Case. 
Our law firm represented a young woman whose credit was harmed when her dentist forced her into a credit agreement with an oppressively high interest rate.  The case was initially dismissed and the Firm succeeded in having the dismissal reversed by the Wyoming Supreme Court.  The Firm was then able to obtain a settlement to the satisfaction of our client.

Wyoming Trademark Case. 
Our firm represented a start-up technology business that had been wrongly accused of violating a non-compete agreement and trademark laws.  The Firm aggressively defended the case and secured a resolution of the case which has allowed the business to flourish.

Ongoing Case:

Montana Wind Power Rate Case. 
Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans represents a Montana wind power producer in dispute before the Montana Public Service Commission regarding the rates that NorthWestern Energy should pay for wind power. (The Firm is working on this case with the Firm of Richardson Adams.)