Pending and Current Cases

Workplace Sexual Harassment

MSS is currently representing a client who was being sexually harassed at her place of business. This case was filed with the Department of Labor and Industry. MSS’s claim was denied, and we appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court of the State of Montana. Our appeal in the Supreme Court was granted, and the case is now back in front of the Human Rights Commission.

Breach of Contract in Wyoming

MSS currently represents 18 clients in a case before the District Court in the State of Wyoming for breach of contract and lost wages. Our clients all worked for the same company and allege they were grossly underpaid, misled, and deceived by their employer when they voiced their complaints and concerns regarding their wages.


MSS and Honaker Law Offices represent a man whose constitutional rights were violated by law enforcement officials. The lawsuit, which was filed in North Dakota Federal District Court, alleges that the man was held against his will and coerced into confessing to a crime that he did not commit. The criminal case against him was dismissed and no one has been subsequently charged. In addition to making claims for emotional and punitive damages for the time that the man spent in jail and on supervised release, we are seeking compensation for loss of earning capacity as our client is unable to get work in his field as a result of the stigma of his being charged with this crime.


MSS, associating with other counsel, represents an individual who was seriously injured at a mine where he worked when he was struck by industrial equipment being operated by the employee of another company and he was knocked unconscious.