In the Bakken and oilfields throughout the Mountain West, Oil Field Accidents happen on and off the job.  The work is difficult and often physically demanding, shifts are long, and the equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly.  Common causes of oilfield accidents include:

  • Misuse of heavy equipment causing body parts to be pinched, crushed, pinned, or severed;
  • Faulty or inherently dangerous equipment;
  • Overworked employees required to work long shifts in high-pressure conditions;
  • Exposure to dangerous fumes and chemicals; and
  • Trucking and traffic accidents associated with oil and gas production.

If you have experienced a physical injury or other harm as the result of an oilfield accident, it is often a good idea to contact an attorney sooner rather than later to discuss your situation.

“From the start they were diligent, hard working and compassionate. They listened to our case and offered honest expectations. Their level of professionalism throughout the process was noted by many involved. It also gave us confidence and I feel an advantage over the opposing counsel.

The attorneys at Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans are ready to take on oil field accident cases in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho.  We are a regional law firm with experience in oil field cases involving physical injuries, toxic exposure, and workplace discrimination.  In addition to providing experienced legal counsel, we take a genuine interest in helping our clients and looking out for their best interests.  This helps us fight harder and get better results.  Providing clients with understanding, guidance, and clear explanations throughout the litigation process, in addition to providing professional and diligent representation, is what sets MSS apart.

When you contact our office, we will go through some initial questions with you to learn the basic facts of your situation.  This will help us determine whether you have a legal claim that we might be able to help you with.  There is often a misconception that a potential client will be asked to pay a fee up front in order to speak with an attorney or enter into an attorney-client agreement.  This is often not the case, and is never the case in our office.  Our main priority is to hear you out and make sure you get competent representation for your potential claim.

We want you to be comfortable that we are the right firm for you by addressing any questions and concerns you might have before we enter into a representation agreement.

Recent Results

Waste-treatment facility in the North Dakota oil field is being forced to close

A waste-treatment facility in North Dakota that serves the Bakken oil field is being forced to close. The North Dakota Industrial Commission recently declined to renew the plant’s permit, based on repeated environmental violations. The facility, located near Killdeer, North Dakota, took in oilfield waste and recycled it into a fly ash substitute and had a pilot project to make road base material from oilfield cuttings. However, over the past few years the State has been alerted to several environmental problems at the facility, including unreported spills, unpermitted outdoor storage of hazardous waste, and storing nearly four times the facility’s...

North Dakota Oil Field Injury Case

Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans represented a client who was working on a casing crew when his fingers were amputated during an incident on a drill rig floor.  Due to the inattention of the defendants and failure to use proper safety equipment, our client’s hand was caught between the stump and top drive and four of his fingers were severed. Like many well locations, various companies were involved in the ownership and operations related to this well site. Through research and discovery, we were able to determine which parties were responsible for injuries that occurred on this location and pursue justice...