Oil Rig Accidents & Oil Field Accidents

Whether in Williston, Sidney, or elsewhere in the Bakken, Oil Field Accidents happen regardless of a crew’s intentions to protect each other either on or off the job.  Simple negligence on behalf of the employer, such as a failure to keep to maintenance schedules, improper safety procedures, or simply not carrying out proper duties and responsibilities the company owes to its employees and their families, can be the leading cause of tragic or fatal accidents in the field or on the rig.

Overworked Employees

Some companies require their employees to work long hours to increase profit margins.  Because the pay is often very good, and because workers know someone else can replace them, crew members are willing to work long hours under dangerous conditions.  Some companies even accept the use of illegal stimulants to get more out of their employees.

When you combine long hours, sleep deprivation, illegal drugs, and hastily constructed work areas with the time pressure of production and more attention to the company’s bottom line than the worker’s safety, too often the result can be catastrophic for the worker and his family.


An injured oil field worker may obtain some remedies through workers’ compensation, but additional compensation may be an option through third parties who may have been at the source of the original accident.  As always, if you have been injured on the job, or even traveling to or from your job, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of several different attorneys to determine if there are additional options available to you to assist with your case.