Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals / Fumes

As the race for production of oil and gas moves into new arenas, workers can be exposed to an ever-changing variety of hazards and the potential for serious health consequences is very real.  The reality is that work in the oil fields and on oil rigs often involve exposure to chemicals, some of which can be highly toxic if combined with other chemicals or materials that occur naturally in an oil field.  Many employees are exposed to toxic gases and liquids every day.

Most workers are not informed of the dangers of exposure to these chemicals, some of which are too dangerous to be used under any conditions and should not have been given to the employee in the first place.  Other substances should only be used after extensive training to properly protect workers. While OSHA tracks many of these substances (see http://www.osha.gov/dts/hazardalerts/hydraulic_frac_hazard_alert.html for additional information), this area of exposure is a moving target because often press releases or warnings are sent out after toxic exposure has already hurt a worker.