Oil field accidents continue, despite slowing in the region

Even during these slow times in the North Dakota oil field, workers, motorists, and residents in the region face significant hazards incident to oil and gas production. A man working on a construction site in New Town was fatally injured after becoming trapped under a loader. Witnesses to the accident said the man was hit by gravel that slid off a pile and buried under the equipment. In another accident near Killdeer, a man died in a head-on collision with an oil tanker truck on Highway 200. The driver of the tanker attempted to brake and swerve, but due to the short distance between the vehicles and the weight of the truck, he could not avoid the crash. The man in the pickup died at the scene, while the truck driver was uninjured in the crash. A different kind of danger was highlighted at a criminal sentencing hearing for two women convicted of sex trafficking in Minto, Dickinson, and Williston. The women were found guilty of operating massage businesses that were fronts for brothels and exploiting women and girls for profit. They each pled guilty in federal district court to charges of coercion, enticement, and conspiracy, and are serving their sentences in federal correctional facilities for the next several years.