North Dakota’s new radioactive waste disposal rules

Failure to comply with North Dakota’s public notice laws could lead to changes in North Dakota’s new radioactive waste disposal rules. The State Health Council approved the rules in August of 2015.  However, the council did not provide public notice of the meeting until two days before it occurred, even though the date had been … Continued

Uptick in oilfield activity results in two accidents this week

After a significant decline in prices in 2016 and early 2016, the oil and gas industry is bouncing back.  Unfortunately, in addition to an uptick in productivity, this week saw two tragic accidents that resulted in two fatalities and multiple severe burn injuries. While a crew was snubbing a well near Watford City, a “kick … Continued

Missoula Montana News 2015

A digest of news surrounding the Missoula, Montana community in 2015 A Convicted Montana Man Faces New Trial Dec 4, 2015 A Montana man who was convicted in 1998 for the murder of his best friend has been released from prison pending a new trial. In November 2014, a Montana district court judge overturned the … Continued

Jackson Hole Wyoming News 2015

A digest of news surrounding the Jackson Hole, Wyoming community in 2015 Wyoming and Montana Governors Approach Refugee Debate Nov 20, 2015 In the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris, France last weekend, for which the Islamic State (also known as “ISIS”) has claimed responsibility, state governors across the U.S. have been boisterously debating policies … Continued

Idaho Officials discontinue dry cells in prison system

Officials in Idaho have determined that the use of “dry cells” – prison cells with no bed, sink, or toilet inside – must be discontinued over concerns that using dry cells to segregate problem inmates is inhumane.  The cells were most often used to separate inmates who were violent toward others.  However, they were also … Continued