Missoula County Attorney’s Office and others mishandling sexual assault cases

Missoula, Montana has drawn national attention in the past three years for mishandling of sexual assault cases by the University of Montana, local police, and the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.  These entities were largely criticized for re-traumatizing reporting victims of sexual assault or failing to properly investigate allegations.  Sexual assault cases present significant challenges for … Continued

Oil field workers file lawsuits over Fair Labor

Oil field jobs are some of the most dangerous and physically demanding in the country. They often require workers to lift, push, and pull heavy object, operate machinery, and drive commercial vehicles for long shifts over many consecutive days. Because the oil and gas industry is so profitable and because these jobs are extremely difficult, … Continued

Highway safety in the North Dakota oil fields

A proposal has been made to expand 62 miles of Highway 85 between Watford City and Belfield, North Dakota to four lanes. The project manager is still collecting public comments, at this phase through public alternatives workshops in Belfield and Watford City. So far, highway safety seems to be the primary concern of interested parties. … Continued