Air Base returning to EIRMC – Advantage for NICU Patients

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) will have a helicopter base returned they announced in November 2019. Since 1990 a helicopter has been based at EIRMC, but in 2015 the base was relocated to Driggs, ID to be closer to injured patrons coming from the Teton Mountains. It was decided that the location in Driggs, … Continued

Mr. Richard Honaker

Meyer, Shaffer and Stepans, PLLP (MSS) is pleased to announce our association with Honaker Law. Richard Honaker has been a diligent and successful trial attorney for over 40 years. With the amount of experience and information Mr. Honaker provides, he will become a vital resource to the team. Mr. Honaker was born and raised in … Continued

Former Montana Foster Care Worker Sentenced

A former foster care worker received a deferred sentence after facing charges for hitting a young girl in her care last year. According to the website, in the state of Montana (where this incident occurred) a judge can order that a sentence be deferred for 1-6 years under certain circumstances. If an offender successfully … Continued

Teton Pass Semi Tractor-Trailer Cited for Violating Winter Ban

Teton Pass is extremely dangerous, especially for semi-trucks. Due to its grade steepness, grade length, and curve severity it can cause trucks to lose control. Teton Pass closes for semi tractor-trailers from Nov. 15 to April 1. This is to ensure safety on the pass to both the trucks and other drivers. Unfortunately, one tractor-trailer … Continued

Employees take local café owner to court over unpaid wages

The former owner of Lotus Organic café appeared in Teton County Circuit Court to a bench trial after three of her former employees filed wage claims against her company, Planet Palate LLC. The court found that Planet Palate LLC owes nearly $4,000 to the three former employees. Despite the court’s decision – the three former … Continued