Icy Winter Roads – Two Dead in a Tractor-Trailer Pile-Up

With winter upon us, traveling on snow packed, or icy highways is a common occurrence. In December 2018 two people died in an early morning tractor-trailer pileup on an I-90 west highway outside of Missoula, MT. The pile-up involved five different tractor-trailers. The first tractor carrying a trailer of lumber started to slid broadside. It … Continued

North Dakota Oil Field Accident – Payout for Victim’s Family

An oil company has plead guilty to a fatal accident that killed one in Williston, North Dakota. The accident occurred in October of 2014, where a 28-year-old war veteran died when an oil tank exploded. A U.S. District Judge sentenced the company to pay a $500,000 file, $1.6 million in restitution to the victim’s estate … Continued

Oilfield Workers Suffer Severe Burns at Wyoming Oil & Gas Site

Three oilfield workers suffered severe burns at a Wyoming oil and gas site last week. An oilfield compressor exploded causing serious injuries to the workers. Two of the men were taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, and the other man was airlifted to the Western States Burn Center in Greeley, Colorado. Firefighters were dispatched at … Continued

Wyoming Trench Death Investigation – Developer’s Violations

A fatal trench collapse took the lives of two men in Teton County. The two men were working in a 12-foot-deep trench at a construction site when it gave way. The developer of the site was giving direction and control of the two men to perform the excavation and trench work for the construction project. … Continued