New Oil Rig Explosion in Wyoming

According to an article released by the Associated Press, an explosion at an oil rig in northeastern Wyoming sent two men to a hospital in Gillette, Wyoming. The explosion happened on March 20th and occurred during the loading of a hot oil taker at a well site. The injuries that were reported at the time of the incident by Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds were burns to the face and hands of one man, and a blast to the back of the other man, who could not stop shaking after the explosions occurred. The full extent of their injuries is not known at this time.

While it is not known at this time what the exact cause of the explosion was, we do know that the fire department was called, and it took about four hours for them to control the fire.

It is customary in cases involving oil field accidents for OSHA to conduct an investigation into the accident. We do know from reports generated by OSHA that fires and explosions are one of the most common accidents to occur in the oil field.
While accidents do occur, it is important to mitigate them when possible. Most of the accidents that we see in the oil fields are preventable. Employers have a responsibility to their employees to ensure proper safety and training procedures are always current and in place at all time. Employees should feel confident in their training, and the training of those around them.