Mr. Richard Honaker

Richard HonakerMeyer, Shaffer and Stepans, PLLP (MSS) is pleased to announce our association with Honaker Law. Richard Honaker has been a diligent and successful trial attorney for over 40 years. With the amount of experience and information Mr. Honaker provides, he will become a vital resource to the team.

Mr. Honaker was born and raised in Laramie, WY. Upon graduation from high school he attended Harvard University and graduated with honors. He returned to Wyoming and attended the University of Wyoming College of Law. He has been practicing law in Rock Springs, WY since graduation of law school in 1976. He is barred in the states of Wyoming and Utah. He has also spent time assisting neighboring states in different legal matters.

Mr. Honaker’s 40+ years of experience is noteworthy and his extensive expertise on civil litigation will be a great asset to MSS alongside Ryan Shaffer and Robert Stepans, both of whom have 15 years of experience. Throughout Mr. Honaker’s vast career, he has handled legal cases on both sides of the criminal and civil law spectrum with his focuses being catastrophic accidents, trucking accidents and oilfield accidents. By having an extremely diverse background in law, he will only add to the success of MSS and the legal cases they handle.

With as much practice as Mr. Honaker has under his belt, he is able to provide the necessary tools to further assist MSS in their professional endeavors. Mr. Honaker has acquired several substantial skills in his road to accomplishments. He believes that one of the most important qualities in assisting clients is answering to their immediate needs before continuing to build a case, ensuring that his clients are taken care of. By implementing emotional intelligence, Mr. Honaker is able to provide the support and advocacy that his clients greatly appreciate. Through being trustworthy and assembling teams of experts, clients are confident their cases are handled with the highest of legal and ethical standards. A majority of the cases Mr. Honaker has dealt with have involved serious injury or death. These cases are very sensitive and he is aware of how to navigate such circumstances to try and ease the pain and suffering for his clients.

Mr. Honaker has won several large cases including: $8.625 million in a railroad accident, $5.1 million recovery in a liquefied petroleum gas case, a $4.9 million sham peer review recovery against a hospital, $2.375 million in a railroad accident case, and multiple $1 million plus recoveries against trucking companies. Most recently, Honaker Law, alongside MSS, secured one of the largest burn injury recoveries in the history of oil field litigation and fire explosion.

Mr. Honaker tackles cases with tenacity and an analytical mindset. MSS is excited about this endeavor and their association with such an experienced attorney. To see more on Mr. Richard Honaker, visit his website at