Four Seasons Employees want more protection from COVID-19

As the world continues to struggle and understand COVID-19, businesses that remain open are left searching for answers too. With many individuals being in direct contact with guests or patrons, one questions that arises is, what to do when someone is Covid-positive? This question arose at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole when one of the members who stayed at the hotel tested positive for COVID-19.

With the amount of people and tourists coming to visit the Grand Tetons, employees feel as if the Four Seasons is not taking the necessary precautions to make them feel safe. When COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic the Four Seasons in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Medicine International devised a plan to dictate measures to keep guests safe. The plan consisted of giving each guest a sanitation kit and appointing a health officer at each resort. The health officer was to ensure sanitization measures were met it meaning disinfecting each room and then going over the room via blacklight to make sure everything was disinfected.

Employees for the Four Seasons believe the resort is understaffed meaning that they cannot fully implement its procedures and staff that were in close contact with the guest who was COVID-positive are still moving around and working on the property. According to Teton County, anyone who tests positive is reported to the Health Department. Any contract tracers will notify any close contacts which means any individual who has spent at least 10 minutes within 6 feet to anyone who tests positive.

According to Teton County a moderate risk phase was put in place stating the Health Department does not suggest hotels notify employees if a case is found on-site. Employees beg to differ stating that the resort should notify and tell guests and staff even if it is not required.

The Four Seasons closed for nearly a month at the beginning of COVID. When they reopened, they stated that rooms would be kept empty for one to two days after a guest checks out, and that they would run at 50% occupancy. According to employees at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole they say they are running at normal occupancy with limited staff making it extremely difficult to follow guidelines. Employees are asking the Four Seasons to be more transparent about their exposure risk and to hopefully hire more individuals so staff is not so limited, and they can follow the procedures set forth.