North Dakota oilfield fracking pushing trucking accidents

A recent analysis of census data and traffic deaths indicates that road fatalities have outpaced population growth, often substantially, in six states where oil and gas drilling is booming. In the North Dakota oil field counties, the population has increased 43% over the last decade while the number of traffic fatalities has increased by 350%. … Continued

Oil field trucking company facing fines

A Wyoming oil field trucking company is facing fines of over a million dollars and one of its drivers has been criminally charged after reportedly dumping salt water in violation of state law. An investigative report states that the employee was seen driving a semi-truck down a road in Williams County with the underside valves … Continued

Projects aim to alleviate trucking accidents

Now that winter is finally coming to an end in North Dakota, road construction on several badly needed projects has commenced in order to alleviate many of the traffic problems in the North Dakota Oildfields.  On Tuesday, the governor of North Dakota participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Alexander bypass. Alexander is a small … Continued

More radioactive filter socks found in North Dakota

The small town of Noonan, North Dakota was home to the most recent of several discoveries of large numbers of radioactive filter socks illegally dumped throughout the state. Over 200 industrial-sized garbage bags full of filter socks, which often contain harmful radioactive materials, were found in an abandoned, dirt-floor gas station. The mayor and residents … Continued