Highway safety in the North Dakota oil fields

A proposal has been made to expand 62 miles of Highway 85 between Watford City and Belfield, North Dakota to four lanes. The project manager is still collecting public comments, at this phase through public alternatives workshops in Belfield and Watford City. So far, highway safety seems to be the primary concern of interested parties. … Continued

Oil field accidents continue, despite slowing in the region

Even during these slow times in the North Dakota oil field, workers, motorists, and residents in the region face significant hazards incident to oil and gas production. A man working on a construction site in New Town was fatally injured after becoming trapped under a loader. Witnesses to the accident said the man was hit … Continued

Williston North Dakota oil field roads are becoming more dangerous

A pickup truck crashed into an ambulance at an intersection near Williston, North Dakota that was carrying a mother and infant.  Williston is a hub of the North Dakota oil field, and the roads are often extremely busy and dangerous.  Fortunately, no one was killed in this particular crash, though the driver and passengers of … Continued

Transportation causes traffic and safety concerns in the North Dakota oil field

Several road construction projects are currently in planning stages or already underway to address problems with traffic and safety in and around the North Dakota oil field. The drilling and fracking processes require a significant amount of resources, including equipment and water, which must be transported to well locations by truck. This creates increased traffic, … Continued