North Dakota’s new radioactive waste disposal rules

Failure to comply with North Dakota’s public notice laws could lead to changes in North Dakota’s new radioactive waste disposal rules. The State Health Council approved the rules in August of 2015.  However, the council did not provide public notice of the meeting until two days before it occurred, even though the date had been … Continued

Uptick in oilfield activity results in two accidents this week

After a significant decline in prices in 2016 and early 2016, the oil and gas industry is bouncing back.  Unfortunately, in addition to an uptick in productivity, this week saw two tragic accidents that resulted in two fatalities and multiple severe burn injuries. While a crew was snubbing a well near Watford City, a “kick … Continued

Oil field accidents continue, despite slowing in the region

Even during these slow times in the North Dakota oil field, workers, motorists, and residents in the region face significant hazards incident to oil and gas production. A man working on a construction site in New Town was fatally injured after becoming trapped under a loader. Witnesses to the accident said the man was hit … Continued

North Dakota Oil Field Train Derails

Another oil train carrying crude from the North Dakota oil field derailed last week near the Montana-North Dakota border.  The derailed cars collided with a power pole, and though three of the twenty-two cars that ran off the tracks were leaking oil into the surrounding environment, no explosion occurred.  Fortunately, the crash did not cause … Continued

North Dakota Oil Field Tracking System Intiated

The West Segment Regulatory Commission has initiated the first employee, vehicle, and company tracking system registry in the North Dakota oil field in the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation segment of the North Dakota oil field.  The Commission was created earlier this year as part of an effort to mitigate some of the negative side-effects of oil and … Continued