Recent law graduates ask state Supreme Court to let them skip the bar exam

University of Montana law graduates asked the state Supreme Court to license them without taking the bar exam. It has been reported that law graduates in the states of California, New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Utah have also asked their states Supreme Court to not take the bar exam for licensing. The … Continued

Uptick in oilfield activity results in two accidents this week

After a significant decline in prices in 2016 and early 2016, the oil and gas industry is bouncing back.  Unfortunately, in addition to an uptick in productivity, this week saw two tragic accidents that resulted in two fatalities and multiple severe burn injuries. While a crew was snubbing a well near Watford City, a “kick … Continued

North Dakota oil fields & naturally occurring radioactive material

There has been significant discussion around the North Dakota oil field in recent months about naturally occurring radioactive material (“NORM”) because of several instances of illegal dumping of potentially radioactive filter socks. While NORM occurs in many common items, it can rise to dangerous radiation levels when highly concentrated. Oil field waste containing NORM cannot … Continued

More spills in the North Dakota Oilfields

Less than two months after a 20,000-barrel oil spill was discovered in the North Dakota oilfields, two separate saltwater spills were reported in the region.  The first happened last week when an explosion at a saltwater disposal site near Alexander caused the release of almost 2,500 barrels of saltwater and 270 barrels of oil.  The … Continued

Truck safety in the oil field

Even as peak drilling season winds down in the North Dakota oil fields, vehicle safety is a major concern of North Dakota residents.  Several construction projects are slated to take place in the area to address some of the most pressing traffic issues.  The Williston bypass has secured funding and will commence as soon as … Continued