Amtrak Train vs. John Deere Tractor Trailer Accident in Montana

An Amtrak train travelling from Chicago to Seattle and Portland was involved in an accident near Bainville, MT. The train carrying passengers collided with a John Deere tractor that was crossing the railroad tracks resulting in the death of the man driving the tractor. One passenger and three crew members were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries but were released that night.

According to a local sheriff the railroad crossing does not have crossing arms, therefore the tractor trailer was crossing and either did not see or hear the train coming. The Amtrak train was travelling at about 75 mph when it hit the tractor trailer. The train’s cars derailed because of the impact of the crash, but they all managed to stay upright. The passengers expressed their anxiety and struggle to get off the crashed train. A small fire broke out from the initial impact, so when the initial reaction from passengers was to jump out the window, they saw the fire and paused. They felt trapped. One lady stomped out the flames that were in her train car, and once those were out, she jumped out. Many passengers acknowledged how lucky they were and thankful for surviving the accident. All 64 passengers on the train had injuries, but most were minor. The passengers were taken to a local high school awaiting transport arrangements from Amtrak.

Investigators with Amtrak and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, alongside the Montana Highway Patrol are investigating the crash and seeing exactly what happened. The train had damage to its front engine, as well as, the railroad tracks were damaged in the crash. They were diverting trains until they could complete their investigation and get the tracks fixed.

Sadly, the 65-year-old Sidney man died on the trailer-tractor, and multiple people were injured due to the accident. One lady said that when they hit the impact caused her legs to be jammed in the seat in front of her causing bruises.