Areas of Practice, Meyer, Shaffer and Stepans

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can address a wide array of problems that individuals often face, including serious physical injury or death from accidents or toxic exposure, abuse of trust by a person in a position of authority, or wrongful denial or delayed payment of insurance benefits. Individuals and families who are harmed by the wrongful actions of others in these ways should be competently represented by attorneys with the experience to handle complex cases.

Civil Rights Discrimination and Workplace Misconduct

Employers are required by law to respect certain rights of their employees, including the right to a reasonably safe working environment and the right not to be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, and other inherent characteristics. A person who has been subjected to unsafe working conditions or discriminatory practices may have legal options to address those injuries. Workplace discrimination, workplace misbehavior, unsafe working conditions, harassment, or retaliation for reporting unsafe conditions are all common problems that arise at work and should be addressed through the legal system.

Product Liability and Dangerous Products

When we buy a product, we assume that it was tested and that it will be safe. Bad product design or improper / insufficient testing may create products that are unreasonably dangerous, and can cause serious injury or death. A person who has been injured by a product that was designed or manufactured so as to be unreasonably dangerous may have a product liability claim against the people who were responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling the product so that it would be safe for public consumption.

Commercial Litigation, Business Disputes, and Property Disputes

Business disputes, either between partners in the same business or between entities, can arise unexpectedly and distract both parties from the important goal of ensuring that their companies continue to operate as usual. Common issues include contract disputes and constraint of trade claims. Because these areas of the law are often complicated, individuals and businesses experiencing these problems should consult a lawyer with experience specific to these issues. An attorney might be able to help clarify the issues and advise you as to appropriate future actions that will further your specific goals.

Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans take a limited number of criminal defense cases. This allows us to focus on the unique aspects of each case and ensure the best possible results for our clients. If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony offense, discussing your case with a lawyer who has a background in representing those accused with crimes can help you understand what to expect from the criminal justice system. Being represented by an attorney will help ensure that your individual liberties are protected and can help you reach a favorable dissolution in your case.